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PUMA-Messer: Deutsche Tradition, jahrelange Erfahrung und ein umfangreiches Sortiment

PUMA ist eine traditionelle, deutsche Messermarke. Seit über 250 Jahren stellen sie im deutschen Solingen Messer her. Sie sind seit jeher bekannt für ihre grundsoliden, traditionellen Jagdmesser. Seit 2003 stellen sie auch Küchenmesser und moderne Taschenmesser her. Diese PUMA-Taschenmesser gehören zu speziellen Messerserien, die sie weltweit produzieren. Um seiner deutschen Geschichte treu zu bleiben, hat PUMA ein tolles Konzept entwickelt. Der Entwurfsprozess und die Qualitätskontrolle finden nämlich nach wie vor an ihrem Hauptsitz statt: So beginnt und endet jedes Messer im nordrhein-westfälischen Solingen.

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17.000+ Produkte im Sortiment

Reasons to choose PUMA

PUMA guarantees the Rockwell hardness of their knives

PUMA knives test the Rockwell hardness of all their knives. For this test, the sharp tip of a diamond is pushed into the steel at a certain pressure to measure its hardness. This quality check ensures that the blade of your knife has the right hardness. Each batch of knives is also numbered, for warranty purposes, but also to find more information about them on their website. The year in which it was produced, for instance.

PUMA series

PUMA IP: international production, German quality

The PUMA IP series was born from a collaboration between PUMA Solingen and various international knife manufacturers. The design process and quality control take place in Solingen. Most knives from the IP collection are made in Spain, which is reflected in the handles. Indeed, many knives in this series feature handles made from olive wood.


The SGB collection consists of fixed hunting knives. These knives are made in Asia using high quality German 1.4116 stainless steel. The handles are made from a variety of materials, including antler, micarta, G10 and wood. Antler makes for a beautiful, natural product, so each knife is unique. All fixed SGB hunting knives come in a sophisticated leather sheath.


For the Puma XP series, the focus lies on specialist tools. These knives come with extra functions, like a saw or guthook. These tools are often large and need to be able to withstand hard impacts. For these reasons, PUMA uses 440 and 420 stainless steel for the XP series. The handles are mostly made from rubber. This material absorbs powerful blows and thus improves user comfort.

PUMA Solingen

PUMA's range was originally made up of knives in this collection. These products are made by hand in Solingen, Germany. All knives from PUMA Solingen are made from the same steel, namely 1.4116. This is a fantastic stainless steel that retains its sharpness well and is easy to sharpen. The designs of these knives stay true to knives of the past, which is why you'll find classic handle materials like antler or wood in this collection.

PUMA product types

Outdoor knives

The development of hunting knives is still PUMA's core business. PUMA collaborates with experienced hunters, designers and outdoor experts to design the best knives.

Pocket knives

In addition to their famous fixed knives, PUMA also makes excellent pocket knives. These pocket knives are made with the same attention to detail and craftsmanship as their fixed knives. And like the fixed knives, the pocket knives are mainly designed for outdoor use and hunting purposes, though many are also suitable for EDC use.

PUMA kitchen knives

PUMA is also well known for their kitchen knives. PUMA's use of manufacturers outside Germany for its kitchen knives allows them to expand in terms of product range and production capacity, without having to compromise on production in Germany. All kitchen knives are still designed in Solingen and made from high-quality materials.

About PUMA

A knife brand with over 250 years of history

PUMA's story begins in 1769, when Johann Lauterjung registered his trademark in Solingen, Germany. The company, then called Lauterjung, remained in the hands of the Lauterjung family for a long time. In 1876, PUMA started producing pocket knives and stilettos. In 1956, PUMA designed its most famous knife, the White Hunter. Since PUMA continued to develop and innovate, it introduced a new collection in 2003: the PUMA IP. A collaboration with large knife factories spread out all over the world. It is the first time this German knife brand crosses its borders into international territory.

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